ADS Enzymes liquid cleaning solution


Bio-Redeem is a unique bio-enzymatic formulation for cleaning hydrocarbons from all surfaces. It combines the residual effects of bio-enzymatic technology with surfactant technology providing a product that is both safe and powerful.

Bio-Redeem is a safe alternative for effectively cleaning problematic oil stains left by or on cars, trucks and equipment. It effectively eats away petrol, diesel, crude, Grease and other oil based products from land and water.


  • A visually cleaner garage floor and driveway with less effort.
  • Enhance the office, factory and your homes curb appeal with a fresh, clean sidewalk.
  • Deep-clean tough stains in the workshop, factory garage and basement with a product that is safer for family and pet than the chemical alternatives.
  • More effective than a solvent‐based product, yet is safe to use and friendly to the environment.
  • Use one product for a wide range of cleaning applications including garage floors, basements, outdoor furniture, tools and equipment.


  • Non‐toxic, non‐flammable biodegradable cleaner
  • Contains virtually no volatile organic compounds (no toxic odours)
  • Effectively cleans a variety of hard surfaces
  • Safer alternative to harsh chemical (caustic or acidic) cleaners
  • Non‐corrosive and non‐irritating formulation means it’s safer for users and the environment.
  • Easy to use.

Use Bio-Redeem

Application Way to use Result
Clean petrol, diesel or oil from water Blend with warm water 3:1 Rainbow immediately dissappears
Cleaning grease and fuel grime on equipment ie. fuel pumps, tractors, farm equipment Blend with warm water 3:1. Scrubbing may be needed. Wipe out after two minutes. May be reapplied if needed.
Cleaning soot from oil furnace on concrete Blend with warm water 1:1 and spray. Brush if needed. Wash out with water until clean
Cleaning furnace oil, crude oil, diesel, or petrol in the ground or on grass Blend 1:5 with warm water, use equal volume of concentration to spill. Pour mixture on ground. Let it sit indefinitely.

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