Odour Neutralizer ON


A liquid bacterial concentrate which combines unique eco-benign chemistry and application-specific bacteria to offer a proven, innovative and effective long-tern approach to odour control.

Features And Benefits

  • Product has three-phase action: ADS Enzymes Brand Fragrance
    Deliver unique odour elimination.
  • Unique eco-benign odour encapsulation technology:
    Binds and traps odour immediately.
  • Optimised proprietery application-specific bacterial consortium degrades a broad spectrum of substrate:
    Biological action removes a combination of odours at source.
  • Highely effective formulation:
    Product effective against a wide range of odours, efficacy has been proven by extensive field trails.
  • Readily biodegradable, low toxicity eco-benign formulae:
    Minimises enviornmental impact.

Multi-purpose Action

  • Washrooms
  • Carpets and Fabrics
  • Vehicle Interiors
  • Refuse Collection Areas
  • Animal Cages and Pens
  • Highly effective against spoiled foods, fish, ciggrate smoke and other odorous compounds

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