Proposed Solution

Fundamental issues that plague the earth and your business

The ultimate solution in enzymatic digestion

Digestor liquifies solid waste. Subsequently the source of odor is digested and finally pest attractions are digested.

Advantages of Digestor

  • Pit takes longer to fill up
  • Naturally Fresh Air
  • Better Hygiene
  • Happy Residents

Treatment Guidelines & Examples

Application Initial Treatment Maintenance
Pit Latrines 150ml sachet monthly 150ml satchet monthly
Septic Tanks, Grease Traps 100gms per week for one month 100gms per month
Industrial Effluent 1% for 3 days
Eg. 10,000L pond - 100kg
0.3% per day
10,000L pond - 3kg
Agricultural Waste 4% once off (w/w)
10,000L pond - 10kg
1% weekly (w/w)
10,000L pond - 100kg
Sewage Plants 0.1% once off (w/w)
10,000L pond - 10kg
0.05% weekly (w/w)
10,000L pond - 5kg
Anaerobic Digestor 1% for 3 days (w/w)
10,000L pond - 100kg
1% weekly (w/w)
10,000L pond - 100kg

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